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How To Keep The Shine All Year Long

It’s the same problem all year long: keeping hair shiny. In the summer, it’s the sun, not to mention our constant use of styling tools! Overexposure dries out those tresses making hair look dull and flat. And the winter? More of the same, except cold temperatures suck out moisture and make hair harder to manage. ... More

FAQ’s About Threading

1. What is threading? Threading is an ancient art that originated in the Middle East and India some 6,000 years ago. It’s a very simple concept of using two 100% sterile threads that are doubled and then twisted using a specific technique. The thread is then rolled over the area with unwanted hair. 2. I’m on Accuta... More

3 Easy Ways To Spice Up Hair Color Without The Fuss

Want to make a change to your hair, but just a little nervous about it? Not to worry. We know how to take baby steps! When you’re ready for that change, follow these three steps to ease you into that new look. - Enrich your natural base color. Your stylist can find shades in your hair color family and bring out the ... More

Why Twice Is Nice

Have you ever wondered why, when you get a facial, your aesthetician cleanses your skin twice? No, it’s not necessarily a special method for skin care. However, it is an excellent practice for getting and keeping good skin. This is especially true at night. Think about it. Not only is your skin working during the ... More