Should You Layer Curly Hair?

Should You Layer Curly Hair?

Should You Layer Curly Hair?

Has a stylist ever told you to layer your curly hair to get more manageability, but after the cut it was a disaster? The problem was not layering your hair. This type of cut really can make your curly tresses easier to handle, with more versatility in your hairstyles.

So what went wrong?

Of all the hair types, curly hair is the most difficult. It’s notorious for its dryness, lack of control, and downright unpredictability. It takes a skilled hand to work with it.

And that means advanced stylist training. Without it, your stylist cannot properly work with your hair. You already know how that ends!

Remember, once you get the right cut for your curly hair, the best way to keep healthy, frizz free hair is faithful hair care formulated for your curly locks.

Quick tip: Use professional products made for curly hair. They last longer and work more deeply than over-the-counter brands.

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